Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shark Encounter

Click here, or just click on the image to go to the video.

Finally, an update to this video blog.

For those who think that working on a Carlos Pina music video set is nothing but grueling hours of matching story-boards up with camera angles and lighting schemes, as well as exhausting sessions with actors, trying to hone down that perfect toss of the head or wistful gaze, well, here is how things usually go.

Again, we have actor Christopher L. Dean making an appearance on my video blog. Chris, and this is no secret, simply loves the camera.

The blood is some special concoction Carlos whipped up the pervious night. We shot at Rosalinda and Dago's house. And the video will be set to the song EVOL, by the band November 2nd.

Look for it in the weeks to come at the finer music boutiques.