Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Abhorring a Vacuum (clip)

Click here, or just click on the image.

This is a clip from a rough edit of my current short narrative project, titled "Abhorring a Vacuum."

It's basically an improv piece starring Kat O'Neal, Kerry Valderrama, and Carlos Pina. I directed and "scripted" the piece. Russ Ansley shot it.

I was trying to do a sort of porno, without the sex. Whether this succeeds or not will depend on the music. I'm turning the job over to Russ (as I have to rush off to sunny Mexico--IRS issues, understand).

I've not added anything in ages to this video blog (though I have at least four postings sitting on tape and awaiting editing). And so this rushed clip will have to do for now.


Anonymous Mav(eric)k said...

Funny and very classic. I just started a video blog myself. I use Windows so not all Macs can upload my video.

7:08 AM  

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