Sunday, July 02, 2006


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Some quick work of the King William Parade of 2006. Last year I somehow managed to march in the parade. Nikki Young and her incredible hook-ups. Anyway, this year was more sedate. The parade starts fresh as it begins snaking through the neighborhood in front of my house, and I decided to be out there with my camera.

This is a peoples' parade. The marching bands and all that Nazi bullshit was at a bare (almost nonexistent) minimum. The queer quotient ran high (leastwise for San Antonio). And the local businesses and all the artists and freaks and their pets from the neighborhood were out and having a blast. That's my idea of a parade. However, someone should have beat the shit out of that asshole in the Ronald McDonald outfit. That's stepping over the line. On my fucking street. As Ms. Klein already explained, No Logo!

Music by Frequencia.
Rock en Espanol, dammit!

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