Monday, March 20, 2006

Half-Time at the Roller Derby

Click here, or click on the picture to view the video.

Sunday I was video-taping at the Rollercade for Alamo City Roller Girls night. During the half-time break, these kids gathered in the center of the rink to do some break dance moves.

They were pretty good.

I didn't hold onto the video tapes of the Roller Girls, but maybe I'll get some footage of my own next month. They skate and tussle monthly, third Sunday, at the Rollercade, over on the fringe of the Olmos Park complex.

Music by Red Snapper, "Some Kind of Kink."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Bit of Mockumentary

Click here, or click on the picture to view the video.

This is a clip from "The Incident at the River," my behind-the-scenes mockumentary of the making of Carlos PiƱa's short film, "The Bridge to Nothing." The entire 10 minute piece will be screened at the next Short Ends Project show (along with Carlos' short) at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes. It is Saturday, March 25th. 7pm.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Behind the scenes on the "Bridge to Nothing."

Click here, or click on the picture to view video.

Saturday I visited Carlo Pina's set. He was shooting some scenes for his up-coming Short Ends film, "Bridge to Nothing."

Here we see Kareem, Chris, and Tony clowning around. Well, it's not so much clown makeup they're wearing as, well, they're supposed to be bad-ass bank robbers.

And that is, of course, Dawn, sipping the lemon-lime beverage at the end. Good times!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Art from the courts

Click here, or just click on the picture to view the video.

I met Jimmy Fletcher through my friend Alejandro Ortiz. Jimmy and Alex have know each other since they were kids. They're in their young 40s and each is keen on becoming an artist. They have a lot of potential.

Here is a clip of Jimmy and some of his work.

I first knew him by the nickname Alex gave him. The Moocher. But it seems that Jimmy also calls Alex the Moocher. Very confusing.

Jimmy lives in the Aztlan Courts, a public housing complex on the west side. He collects a monthly disability stipend, what he refers to as his "Loco check." I don't know if he's crazy, but I do know he's making some great art.